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Keri McDonald, a Scottish woman who was a volunteer during Malmö Open 2017, goes back home today (13th of February 2017). Despite that, I managed to get the time for an interview via email regarding how she experienced the weekend.

You can read the following about volunteering for annual multiparasportevents like Malmö Open: ”To deliver this annual multiparasportevent we’re assembling a team of hundreds of incredible volunteers in a wide variety of roles. Along with being at the heart of one of the hottest para sports events of the year, all volunteers will get a special crew T-shirt, meals and refreshments during shifts and the opportunity to network, make lifelong friends and try something new through invaluable volunteer hours and work experience”.

What sports did you watch during the games?
- Wheelchair floorball, table tennis, sledge hockey, football, goalball, boccia, electric hockey, wheelchair basketball & athletics.
Which of these impressed you the most?
- That´s a tough question as I was impressed with all the athletes and sports! I spent a lot of time at wheelchair floorball and was lucky enough to see the action up close. The players were so fast and have great technique so it´s very exciting to watch. I can´t wait to see it again.
Were there any sport you had never seen before?
- Wheelchair floorball, electric hockey & sledge hockey.
Which were your general impressions of the games?
- I thought it was a fantastic event! The people I met were so friendly, the sport was exciting and the overall atmosphere was amazing. I really enjoyed the ISC conference also. I met people from all different countries and backgrounds with the shared love of sport. It was a very positive and happy atmosphere with top quality sport being played.
How come you chose to volunteer at Malmö Open?/Where did you first hear about Malmö Open?
- This is a very cool story. I was traveling home from the Rio 2016 Paralympics and I was randomly sat next to Lisa on the plane. We had a little chat about what we had been doing in Rio and she told me about the Malmö Open. I wrote a note in my phone with the name of the event and looked it up once I returned to Scotland. It looked really interesting and something I would like to be part of so I contacted Lisa to ask if I could volunteer. The rest is history.
Do you think the organizer handled the event in a satisfying way?
- I thought it was an amazing event which ran very smoothly. I could definitely say it was a success.
What differs Malmö Open from other competitions you´ve attended?
- I think the variety of sport makes it very enjoyable and dynamic. I feel like there is a sport for everyone regardless of disability which is very inclusive and creates a positive atmosphere.

While Keri is heading back to Scotland FIFH continue the work to finish up this years games and plan for the next year. The amazing volunteers are the absolutely most important part of a successful Malmö Open. Think big, act bold, get involved!


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