MO:19 February 8-10

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Baltiska Bowlinghallen

Dates & Schedule
February 9-10, 2019
Saturday Feb 9: All A & B classes+ ramp
Sunday Feb 10: All C & D classes

Participation Fees
Full Package Single room 1100 SEK/night/person
Full Package Double room 800 SEK/night/person
Full Package Triple room 700 SEK/night/person
Full Package 4-bed room 600 SEK/night/person
Athlete Sport Participation Only 200 SEK/day/person
Coach Sport Participation Only 100 SEK/all days/person

”Full Package” 1-4 include;
- Hotel accommodation & breakfast
- Accreditation to access sport venue competition areas & class/event fee
- Local transport during competition days

”Sport Participation Only” include;
- Accreditation to access sport venue competition areas & class/event fee
- NO hotel accommodation and NO local transport

Dedicated Hotel
Scandic St Jörgen (more frequent transports between hotel-venue)

A, B, C, D Licensed women/men
A, B, C, D Unlicensed women/Men
A, B Ramp women/men
A, B, C, D Licensed Mixed team
A, B, C, D Unlicensed Mixed team

Format of play
According to the Swedish Bowling Federation.
Class A and B are played in 6 series individually.
Class C and D are played in 4 series individually.
Players with ramp play in separate classes. A and B played in 6 series individually.

Eligibility and Classes / classification
Please note there are separate events for licensed and unlicensed players.
There is a limited number of participants allowed.
Men Class A 161 - more
Men Class B 136 -160
Men Class C 111 - 135
Men Class D less than 110
Women Class A 146 - more
Women Class B 126 - 145
Women Class C 101 - 125
Women Class D less than - 100
Ramp Class A 150 - more
Ramp Class B less than 149

Price Ceremony
One hour after last event start both Saturday and Sunday. Gold-, silver- and bronze medals.

Participants must wear uniform club outfit.

Technical Delegate
Charlotte Persson & Agneta Jönsson

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