MO:19 February 8-10

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Technique and action describe this team sport mainly for young people with physical disabilities. The electric sledge has three wheels and to score the player must show good skills in ball control, reactions, overview and understanding of the high speed game!

Hyllie Sportcenter

Dates & Schedule
February 9-10, 2019

Participation Fees
Full Package Single room 1100 SEK/night/person
Full Package Double room 800 SEK/night/person
Full Package Triple room 700 SEK/night/person
Full Package 4-bed room 600 SEK/night/person
Athlete Sport Participation Only 200 SEK/day/person
Coach Sport Participation Only 100 SEK/all days/person

”Full Package” 1-4 include;
- Hotel accommodation & breakfast
- Accreditation to access sport venue competition areas & Team fee
- Local transport during competition days

”Sport Participation Only” include;
- Accreditation to access sport venue competition areas & Team fee
- NO hotel accommodation and NO local transport

Dedicated Hotel
Scandic Triangeln (more frequent transports between hotel-venue)

Division A, B, C.
Division A is for high experienced teams comparable to Danish division 1.
Division B is for medium experienced teams comparable to Danish division 2.
Division C is for less experienced teams comparable to Danish division 3.
FIFH as organizer reserves the right at any time to move teams between divisions.


Format of play
According to the Danish Electric Hockey rules.
Depending on the entries, the organizer reserve the right to place teams in different classes in accordance to previous results and qualification.
Maximum 6 players per team.
There is a limited number of participants allowed.

The event is unlicensed, means there is no requirement for license holding.

Price Ceremony
Directly after final match on Sunday. Gold-, silver- and bronze medals. Prize money will be awarded to the winning team.

The teams must be dressed in uniform club outfit consisting of home- and away clothing.

Technical Delegate

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