MO:19 February 8-10

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• How do I register?
You register through our e-booking system. You'll find the link on this website in the top menu from October, 2018. You book accommodation (hotel), transport and sport event participation. The form must be filled in before deadline.

• When is deadline for registering?
22nd of December 2018.

• How do I pay?
The invoice will be available at your registration page as soon as you have registered your team. Payment must be done latest January 10, 2019.

• What is the cancellation policy?
To facilitate the process of arranging hotels, transports and game schedules the organizer FIFH appeal to all participants to avoid all kinds of late changes done after the deadline for registration (22nd of December 2018). After this date we can no longer guarantee repayment in case of cancellation.

• Which level of the sport event can I expect?
The levels of the sport events differs considerably depending on sport. Most sports offers a wide variety of classes and welcome players from beginner/open/junior/youth classes to elite classes/paralympic level.
Choose ”sports” in the top menu to see which classes each event offer.

• Who can participate, do I need a license?
Malmö Open aims to be the perfect debut tournament for rookies as well as meeting the requirements as a nice challenging event for experienced athletes. Most sports offers a selection of events for both non-licensed participation and classes restricted only for classified and licensed players.

• How is the local transport arranged?
Teams who have booked the Full Package including accommodation at one of our official Scandic Hotels, can request transport during the competition days. A special transport wrist band will be delivered at the MO info desk at the check in at the hotel to all participants who have booked transport.
Buses will depart from the hotels to the venues in the morning and back from the venues to the hotels in the afternoon. 
A transport schedule will be set up and available at the hotels and venues. Waiting times up to 30 minutes may occur.
Special needs like wheelchair access etc must be mentioned at registration. 

All buses are accessible and equipped with a driver with adequate knowledge.
On arrival days transports are not offered. All official Malmö Open hotels are situation nearby a train station. 
On departure day (Sunday 10th of February 2019) transport from the sport venues to any of the train stations Malmö Central, Triangeln or Hyllie is offered.
If you wish any other transportation we refer to the public transport or taxi +4640979797.

NEW for MO19 is the dedicated sports hotel. From this hotel there will be a frequent and fast bus route to transport you between the dedicated hotel and certain sports venue.
You are allowed to book any hotel, but from the non-dedicated sports hotel there will be only one shuttle route in the morning and one in the evening, which also takes longer time for transportation to other than the below mentioned sports venues. There is walking distance between the different hotel, so there is also a possibility to walk to your dedicated hotel to use the frequent bus route to your specific sports venue.

Scandic Triangeln: Hyllie Sportcenter = Boccia, Tennis, Electric Hockey
Scandic City: Floorball, Swimming, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby
Scandic St Jörgen: Stadion Area = Table Tennis, Football, Para Ice Hockey, Wheelchair Floorball, Bowling
Scandic Kramer: Goalball

• Who must have an accreditation card?
All players, coaches and assistants/companions who want to use the local transport by the organisation or/and need access to the competition areas at the sport venues MUST have a valid accreditation card.

• Where can I buy MO merchandise?
In connection to all sport venues you will find merchandise for sale. Don’t hesitate to ask some of our staff for more information.

• What kind of meals are offered?
Breakfast in included at all official hotels.
Lunch will be for sale at all official venues. Sports participants at the stadion area can pre book a special lunch box at registration.
The official Malmö Open hotels will contact each contact person of the registered club to offer pre-booked dinners. It might be difficult to get to a restaurant in Malmö a Friday or Saturday evening and get a table for a whole group. Therefore our official hotels offer good prices and space for the whole teams for dinner. This can also be requested on the online registration page.

• When and where is the price ceremony?
Medals are distributed at each arena by persons from the Parasport federation, the city council, the business industry of Malmö and from the local organizers representatives. 

• Do I need insurance?
The participants in Malmö Open are expected to have a valid insurance for the purpose of the games. If the events, service, transport or such would cause injury or damage the organizer nor the organization is in charge. The organizer disclaims all liability of injury or disease connected to the events.

• What kind of weather conditions can are expected?
Unfortunately the weather in the south of Sweden in February is not the most pleasant. Minus 5 to plus 5 degrees, windy and rain or snow should be expected.
All hotel- and sport venue compartments will be well heated and comfortable to stay in.

• Can you help out with visa applications?
Yes we can send you an attested certification to proof your participation in the parasport games. Get in touch with us through email or phone.

• How do I get more detailed and personal information?
For any further questions and personal contact you are very welcome to contact us, preferably by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +46 40 928 930.

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