MO:19 February 8-10

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FIFH Malmö, a non-profit organization.

Pildammsvägen 26
214 66 Malmö
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telefon: +46(0)40-928 930
Fax: +46(0)40-320 912

The levels of the sport events differs considerably depending on sport. Most sports offers a wide variety of classes and welcome players from beginner/open/junior/youth classes to elite classes/paralympic level.
Choose ”sports” in the top menu to see which classes each event offer.

Full Package Single room 1100 SEK/night/person
Full Package Double room 800 SEK/night/person
Full Package Triple room 700 SEK/night/person
Full Package 4-bed room 600 SEK/night/person
Athlete Sport Participation Only 200 SEK/day/person
Coach Sport Participation Only 100 SEK/all days/person

”Full Package” 1-4 include;
- Hotel accommodation & breakfast
- Sport class/team fee
- Accreditation to access sport venue competition areas
- Local transport during competition days

”Sport Participation Only” include;
- Sport class/team fee
- Accreditation to access sport venue competition areas
- NO hotel accommodation and NO local transport

Malmö Open aim to be the perfect debut tournament for rookies as well as meet the requirements as a nice challenging event for experienced athletes. Most sports offer a selection of events for both non-licensed participation and classes restricted only for classified and licensed players. Please choose the Sport in the above menu to check the license rules for your sport and class.

All team members (players, coaches and assistants/companions) who access to the competition areas at the sport venues MUST have a valid accreditation wrist band. The accreditation wrist band is included in the registration packages ordered at the registration page.

Teams can request transport during the competition days. Buses will depart from the hotels to the venues in the morning and back from the venues to the hotels in the afternoon. A transport schedule will be set up and available at the hotels and venues. Transport from the Dedicated Hotel for each sport will be running due to a more frequent schedule. Waiting times up to 30 minutes may occur. Special needs like wheelchair access etc must be mentioned at registration.

Breakfast is included at all official hotels.
Lunch will be for sale at all official venues. At the stadion area a lunch box can be pre-ordered to a cost of 100 SEK/meal.
Dinner. The official Malmö Open hotels will contact each contact person of the registered club to offer pre-booked dinners. It might be difficult to get to a restaurant in Malmö a Friday or Saturday evening and get a table for a whole group. Therefore our official hotels offer good prices and space for the whole teams for dinner.

Online registration will be available at this website from October, 2018. Changes in the registration can be done until deadline on December 22, 2018.

The invoice will be available at your registration page as soon as you have registered your team. Payment must be done latest January 10, 2019.

Price ceremony
Medals are distributed at each arena by persons from the Parasport federation, the city council, the business industry of Malmö and from the local organizers representatives. 

The participants in Malmö Open are expected to have a valid insurance for the purpose of the games. If the events, service, transport or such would cause injury or damage the organizer is not responsible. The organizer disclaims all liability of injury or disease connected to the events.

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